Reservation in India

Replace India’s Caste-based Reservation System with Monetary Stipends

The framers of the Constitution believed that, due to the caste system, SCs and the STs were historically oppressed and denied respect and equal opportunity in Indian society and were thus under-represented in nation-building activities.

However a large section of extremely poor people are still not getting the benefits of reservation. The best way ahead is not reservations but ensuring every child has same opportunities by giving them subsidized education.

Reservations are the biggest enemy of meritocracy. By offering reservation through relaxed entry criteria, we are fuelling inflation of moderate credentials as opposed to the promotion of merit based education system, which is the foundation of many progressive countries. Meritocracy should not be polluted by injecting relaxation of entry barriers, rather should be encouraged by offering financial aids to the underprivileged although deserving candidates only.

Caste Based Reservation only perpetuates the notion of caste in society, rather than weakening it as a factor of social consideration, as envisaged by the constitution.

Allocating quotas is a form of discrimination which is contrary to the right to equality.

Assistance to the needy can be provided at a more comprehensive level taking into account various factors of exclusion such as caste, economic conditions, gender, kind of schooling received etc. Combination of factors like Wealth, Income, and Occupation etc will help to identify real needy people.

Poor people from “forward castes” do not have any social or economical advantage over rich people from backward caste. Most often, only the economically sound people make use of most of the seats reserved for “back­ward” castes, thus making the aim a total failure.

I believe that the system of reservation according to caste should be phased out gradually and be replaced by stipends being granted to individuals on the basis of a combination of factors such as wealth, income, education and occupation.

Click here to view online petition demanding the same


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